Matchmark is a human-centred consultancy in the digital world, specializing in the sourcing and matching with clients of the world-class engineers.

We are a headhunting consultancy

A headhunting consultancy, working with great companies around the world and across time-zones to combine Digital Sourcing Strategy, Recruitment-by-Algorithm and Social Media, to help clients find engineers outside their usual networks.

We partner with NASA to Google, Boeing to General Electric and BMW to Exxon Mobil, our mission is to bridge the gap between Industry and Engineers to define meaningful opportunities.

We respect discretion!

To truly reach people, we first have to understand them. We work discreetly. We’re informed by data, strategic insights and specialized platforms, using machine learning systems that automatically match candidates to specific jobs and organizations.
We ask questions. We observe. Analyse. Translate the “digital reputation". We do what it takes to build meaningful human connections and find the right candidates, who match clients above and beyond their technical requirements.

Then we bring people together

This is where our research pays off. Clients join the team to help us interact and ensure a successful match!